Deutz 7250 TTV Opinions

deutz 7250 ttv opinions Problems

Hi, we are currently looking at purchasing another Deutz 7250 TTV. Ideally it would be a 180.7 or M650 if one could be found, but we have found some TTV 630 for sale, but we don’t know much about deutz varios as they are not common in our environment. Any opinions on the TTV 630 would be greatly appreciated or the whereabouts of the 180.7 or M650 with 5k hours for sale would be great too.

Deutz Fahr 7250 TTV opinion

The TTV 630 is a great tractor with a lot of power. Wish I had found one last year. The TTV gearbox is smooth and very responsive and good on fuel. Like all Vario’s if you are not used to it, the setup is a learning curve, but the monitor is easy to use.

A friend of mine had one that he drove for a contractor that was 9k more when they sold it. He had work done on the gearbox under warranty, but he didn’t have to touch it again. The other thing they had trouble with was another driver drove him with the stuntmen down a single track road with a 4 meter combo drill to the rear. I’m not 100% sure what the damage was, but I know the tractor and drill didn’t work for a while.

I have 3 Deutz, one of which is a TTV 430, which is obviously a baby compared to a 630. But it has made me want to switch everything to the TTV gearbox. Although I through a key in the works as I bought a case last year due to not being able to find a TTV 630/7250 in time. The tractor is fine, but next time I will sign up for the Deutz TTV.

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