Deutz 7250 TTV problem/garanty

deutz 7250 ttv problem garanty Problems

Problem with the Deutz 7250 TTV.

In August 2015 I bought a Deutz 7250 and since then I have only had problems.

– At first the steering was moving to the left, but not constantly, but sporadically. Very dangerous in oncoming traffic, of course. Then the steering knob was replaced. I had to contribute to the costs.

– Also, the steering harness was replaced due to a defect. (100% own contribution)

– Then the kartan axle broke on both sides after 800 hours of operation, which most likely was also the real cause of the steering failure (at least according to the statement of the factory engineer at the Karpfhamer Volksfest) . (100% own contribution)

– The lower arm bracket is broken. (100% own contribution)

– The locking bolt has been pulled out of the lower arm bracket. (100% own contribution)

– A sensor was faulty. (100% own contribution)

– The hydraulic line to the control units was destroyed because a screw in the lower arm was loosened. (100% own contribution)

For each repair I asked if Deutz would contribute to the costs. The shop told me that Deutz would not contribute to these costs, every time I had a problem, the shop and Deutz would tell me that I was the first and only one who had encountered such problems. Although I have always driven a Deutz and also consciously opted for a Deutz when purchasing this tractor, after this experience I would advise against anyone considering purchasing a Deutz.

Deutz 7250 TTV problem/garanty

Hello, it seems to me that the workshop is trying to pass on the costs of the warranty. If a part breaks during the warranty period and this defect cannot be attributed to normal wear and tear, then the manufacturer has to bear the repair and also the costs of monitoring this damage. We also have a 7250TTV in operation, but only since 2018 and it only has 400 Bst. corridos. The tractor has had a few minor quirks so far, but they were all fixed without a hitch under warranty. However, I cannot say whether my workshop or Deutz Austria paid for the repairs, if I were you, I would contact Deutz or the regional representative directly. Because if you have been a Deutz customer for many years, I do not imagine that the manufacturer is interested in simply passing on all the repair costs …

I believe that DeutzFahr Austria is well positioned in terms of warranty. The problem is, all the old town blacksmiths are Deutz dealers. For many dealers, Deutz is the second or third brand. And then McCormick + Deutz dealerships -. There are only a few really established Deutz dealers that fully support the brand. The sales reps are great – at least here in Lower Austria. With my brand of tractors, the warranty used to be problematic, so I have only bought used ones since that Ökotech was destroyed.

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