Deutz Fahr 7250 TTV – bugs / problems

Deutz Fahr 7250 TTV - bugs / problems Problems

Deutz 7250 bugs problems:

Hydraulic system user actions are missing from panel

Interior sound does not get louder when doors are opened

The skylight lever always stays open the first time it is opened (small bug in the script where the old connectors on Disable and change are probably still stuck)

The work light too bright here too

At the rear you can see under the cockpit where only a distorted texture is visible (at the actual rear see below)

The steering hits too early in the outward direction not to put the fender on the hood. As a result, however, the tie strikes too early. That was better solved with the Arion All wheel drive in the cab cannot be engaged and disengaged separately, only via the user action panel, the same goes for the handbrake I think something is missing from the front axle (also there is no propeller shaft in the front)

I think the wheels are still a little too far in (there is a similar problem with the front tires):

It has no hitch (some details are also missing) (See real TTV, thanks to @ Florian1986 for the photo)

Sadly, the texture is really poorly resolved in places. It looks like it’s from an older generation of models … Somehow it’s sitting a little too far to the left and too far back.

Deutz Fahr 7250 TTV - bugs and problems 2

There is also something wrong with the sound when idling, then it rises sharply in volume with a choppy pause and the overall volume is also louder than other tractors.

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