Is the Deutz Fahr 7250 TTV the best all round tractor

Deutz Fahr 7250 TTV the best all round tractor Problems

The best HP (263), which can be connected without a mod to the only trailer that I like, the Fliegl 266 Bull. Deutz Fahr 7250 TTV

Now I have 5 of them … or am I missing something?

Deutz Fahr 7250 TTV the best all round tractor

I think it’s the highest power with the “Trailor” coupling, instead of traditional hitch (good in the United Kingdom anyway).

I guess you’re a bit like me, and you like all your tractors equal. It seems smarter that way!
Pity the special coupling, could use the T8.320 for everything, except for rake and power cart.
I think they can be some others, but I do not use them at this time.

I really like Same Fortis 190 as my smaller tractor I have not decided on a bigger tractor at this time. I’ll have to try the 7250.

Oh and what is the difference between hooks? I have not gotten enough to get the biggest tractors yet.

The rear hooks of the T.8 family are all cat 3 of three points, so they should not fit into small equipment Cat 2.
The CAT 3 is for very large things (but it is not used a lot since most is towing now or uses 2 points. I never used the CAT 3 when I worked on farms and in fact I only saw it in Sjows in great articulated tractors … I’m not sure that they have a 540 TDF, only 1000 .. (Someone could shout the opposite) also great tractors have huge turn circles and require greater headers. This makes it unrealistic at all, but the greatest of Fields in FS.

I use the TTV more or less as it is a great tractor and I like to have all the same team …

I know this tractor is not a standard unit .. However, if you have the opportunity of DL that is worth the DL. Is the fendt 933 Vario I have the mod of

The detail is incredible and very well done. Here is a video on the tractor if someone wants to see it.

If there are some problems .. The rear and front implements report badly is annoying .. I have used the target many times and I have never had it upside down … as for the sounds .. I have never heard a fendt in operation so that I can not comment on that … it sounds good for me, but again I do not have any point of reference to compare it.

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