Massey Ferguson 7626 vs Deutz Fahr 7250 TTV

massey ferguson 7626 vs deutz fahr 7250 ttv Problems

Hi guys, I’m not sure if this is the right website for this kind of thing, but in your opinion it’s better to get Massey Ferguson 7626 or Deutz Fahr 7250 TTV. In my opinion the 7250 TTV is a better buy but my father is more of an MF supporter because the MF dealership is 1-2km from us and the DF dealership is about 70km (~ 43 miles) from us so if anything breaks is going to be a problem with DF.

Deutz Fahr 7250 TTV

The only reason I would choose MF is the endorsement of SDF. I would not buy a new MF the depreciation on them is horrible. Look at the price of those that are 1-2 years old.

The deutz, on paper, is probably a better tractor as deutz mounts a larger front tire than Agco and CNH, but I would choose the best backrest at all times, regardless of brand. However, it has been nothing more than a nuisance and SDF is terrible at backing dealerships, I don’t think they care about the UK. This is how they made me feel anyway when we needed a backup tractor, the dealership could only offer us a 120hp tractor that was of no use to us, so I spoke to, I think, a product support guy at SDF, thinking that he would help us, but he didn’t offer any help and said he didn’t want to put a tractor on a wagon to bring us one and help us. Fortunately, time has been kind to us, but I would have thought that since it is a relatively new tractor, I would have wanted to know what was wrong with it, why it had broken and if there were any modifications to it, as it is still under warranty.

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